Trail Games

Want to liven things up with a fun activity that can be done on the trail? Send them on a scavenger hunt! Take some creative photographs! Whether you have one child or with a group, it’s an easy way to add fun to an ordinary day and beat the boredom blues. Check out some of the activities we came up with. Download, print and bring to the trail with you.

Bird House Quest

Go on a quest to find each house located throughout the trails where bluebirds nest, numbers 1 through 8, complete your quest!

Download activity here

Riddles Scavenger Hunt

Solve some fun riddles for things that can be found on the Bear Legacy trails. See how many you can solve.

Download activity here

Kids Nature Scavenger Hunt

Download the printable PDF. Cut and adhere to a brown paper. Bring along on your scavenger hunt.

Download our free Scavenger Hunt!
Brown paper bag download!

Nature Photo Hunt

Go on a nature photo hunt. Be creative and take your best photograph of items on the Bear Legacy Trails.

Download activity here

Seek and Find

Seek and Find is an Eagle Scout project that consist of 22 habitats total throughout the trails. This is a fun and educational adventure that can be done with the family!

Download the activity here.

Selfie Photo Hunt

Take some cool selfies along the Bear Legacy Trails. Use the provided list to see if you can find things to pose with.

Download activity here

Outdoor Bingo

Play a group activity on the Bear Legacy Trail. See who will get to yell OUTDOOR BINGO!

Download activity here

Not familiar with the trail? View trail map here.